December 13, 2021

Diverse stakeholders shape the Action Coalition Accountability Framework

In September 2021, UN Women held 13 consultations with different stakeholder groups in the Generation Equality Forum process – including governments, civil society, youth, international organizations, foundations, the private sector and adolescent girls. Actors shared their priorities for the Action Coalition accountability framework, provided feedback on proposed elements, and unpacked stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities. A report summarizing key outcomes across the 13 sessions can be accessed here.
The consultation on indicators for Action Coalitions Targets started on 6 December and will continue until December 24. The consultations are open to all Action Coalition stakeholders, governments, civil society, youth-led organizations, private sector, UN agencies, academia and others. This public commenting period is designed to promote transparency and accountability in the indicator selection process for monitoring the Action Coalition Targets over the next five years. The public consultation material can be accessed here.
Through the end of the year, UN Women will continue the consultation process to design and seek agreement on the accountability framework. In addition, further work is being done to prepare an online database showcasing the over 1,000 commitments to the Action Coalitions, which will be available in the new year. The full list of the organizations behind these commitments is already available here.

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