25 years since the World Conference on Women in Beijing, the world has witnessed two things: a global digital revolution and not a single country having achieved gender equality.

The time for action is NOW! to leverage technology and innovation for gender equality

The Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation is one of the Six Action Coalitions as part of the Generation Equality Forum. These Action Coalitions are the world’s roadmap for gender equality. They are innovative, multi-stakeholder partnerships  focused on the most critical areas in gender equality to achieve concrete change for women and girls worldwide.

The Action Coalition brings diverse champions together—governments, the UN system, private sector, philanthropies, and feminist, women’s rights and youth organizations
The Action Coalition seeks to build a collective vision by centering on dialogue and shared perspective. Champions have been working together to co-design Blueprints for action that articulate an ambitious agenda that will accelerate progress towards gender equality and the SDGs.
The Action Coalition seeks to achieve significant change and remove the most intractable barriers to equality. Champions are committing for five years to lead to lasting results and the transformation of structures, systems and power.

Our coalition explores how technology and innovation can help advance gender equality and create new solutions responding to women and girls needs in all their diversity. We are making this happen through four catalytic, scalable and measurable actions:

We are a group of 15 leaders from civil society, governments, private sector, philanthropy and inter-governmental agencies committed to making technology and innovation gender equal through implementing an ambitious five years plan and mobilizing other partners to join us in this commitment.

Together, we call for collective responsibility,  especially from governments and corporations, to develop bold gender- transformative actions to widen innovation ecosystems, embed transparency and accountability in digital technology, and expand inclusive digital economies. 

Coalition Updates

Gender-Diverse Digital ResetStatement

Action Coalition leaders’ statement on a GENDER-DIVERSE DIGITAL RESET at Davos Summit 2020

GEF Mexico CityEvent

Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality launched in March 2021

Youth ParticipationDialogue

The first youth roundtable on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality hosted by Digital Grassroots

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