COVID-19 pandemic has flattened a lot of young women’s dreams, ambitions and opportunities. While tech and digital are the new drivers of economy, women remain at the margins of this economy.

Let’s join forces to prevent another “lost generation” and help young women join the tech workforce NOW.

We have created a global job fair to connect young women to job opportunities in the digital and tech economy and to help them successfully transition from learning skills to landing a job

We are looking for employers like you to join us in this mission. We are a fit, if you are: 

working in industries related to science, technology, digital products, and services
invested in gender equality at your company, ecosystem and society at large
looking for a global social impact, diversity and outreach

together we will connect young women to three types of opportunities 

job fair 1
entry-level jobs
an entry-level job targeting youth transitioning from completion of education to entering the workforce, financial independence and building a career
job fair 2
job shadowing
a one-week opportunity to learn about the various career possibilities in tech and innovation. We encourage partners to also provide “bespoke” opportunities to spend a few days with a leader and shadow a C-suit executive, an ICT minister, an innovation team director, a professor in a top university, start-up founder, etc.
job fair 3
paid internship
a three months engagement for a young person finishing their education, taking a gap year and/or developing professional skills in a field of interest and future path.
our commitment

We are a coalition of 15 partners who are mobilizing our networks to connect young women all around the world to opportunities and employers in STEM fields.

Our job fair will crowdsource opportunities available in the STEM field and support young women all around the world through easy access and resources to apply and to avail those opportunities.

We will also mobilize employers to create mentorship opportunities that are specifically shaped to prepare young women for jobs of the future.

your impact

We can help you serve your commitment to inclusion, equality and diversity at workplace.

By advertising opportunities at your company on our platform, you are investing in sourcing talent for equality.

Making jobs accessible to underrepresented groups in STEM careers such as young women, women of color and from Global South for remote work opportunities.

By joining forces with us to make this job fair a reality, you join the Generation Equality movement. The largest global movement of leaders for gender equality in 25 years.

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